Can we can the “better fan than thou” crap?

Get a huge pair of scissors and cut it out?

The judgmental name calling absolutely unneeded and unnecessary.

The superiority complex some fans have is beyond rude and disrespectful.

The refrain I keep seeing is goes a little something like this (to the tune of Chief of Sinners): Chief of wrestling fans though I be/ I’m better than the fan next to me/I can spout out stats all day/Read or write fan fiction? No way!/That’s only for horny fan girls/Those type of fans are worst in the world

Sound familiar?

Please know and understand that not everyone is going to behave like you do. Not everyone, sad fact as it may be, are watching for the sport. In my case, I enjoy the sport of it and the fact that some of the guys are aesthetically pleasing is a bonus.

You see,if all fans were treated alike, the above statement shouldn’t even have to made. 

However, guys and girls, none of us are perfect. In the haste to judge fan girls as slutty or perverted, we seem to forget the posts of some people when it comes to the Divas. Usually these posts are graphic and include “shoving my dick” into various orifices of certain Divas.

Please tell me how that is more acceptable and respectable than erotic fan fiction/sexual confessions? I’m dying to hear the logic, of which I have no doubt runs along the lines of “this is a guy’s sport”.

The above mentioned logic could be said for “My Little Pony” being strictly for girls before the Bronies and the subculture that now exists came into being. (Note: I don’t have a problem with Bronies, just using that as a point in my argument.)

No one is a perfect fan. No one, contrary to your belief, is a better fan. We’re all fans. Dismount from your high horse and take a deep breath from the air supply of reality. Your hypocrisy is mind boggling. Stop it.